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Thought You Could Never Wear Contacts?

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Expert contact lenses fittings for keratoconus and other corneal disorders

Were you told years ago that you would never be able to wear contact lenses due to keratoconus or another corneal disorder? While this may have been true once upon a time, it is not true nowadays. Advanced materials and high-tech engineering have led to the development of contact lenses for almost every vision condition. A diverse range of specialty contacts for hard-to-fit patients are available, such as scleral lenses to fit corneal irregularities.

Our optometrist in North Edmonton and Downtown Edmonton specializes in fitting scleral lenses. If you are interested in learning more about scleral lenses and whether or not they can help you, contact us to book an appointment.

Intro to scleral lenses

These specialty contacts are rigid gas permeable lenses with an extra-wide diameter that bridges over your cornea and rests on the whites of your eyes – the sclera. This type of fit creates a smoothly rounded optical surface to cover the irregular corneal surface. As a result, scleral lenses offer clear and comfortable eyesight to people with keratoconus and other corneal conditions.

Who is a candidate for scleral lenses?

  • Corneal disorders: Our optometrist typically recommends scleral lenses in our North Edmonton and Downtown Edmonton eye care offices for patients with keratoconus, corneal degenerations, corneal dystrophies, and corneal scarring.
  • Dry eye syndrome: We may also recommend scleral lenses for people who suffer from severe dry eye syndrome, chronic inflammatory conditions, and Sjorgen’s disease. That’s because the way scleral lenses vault over the eye creates a gap, which fills with moisturizing tears. This therapeutic and lubricating cushion can significantly improve visual comfort.
  • High vision prescription: People who require very high lens powers that exceed the standard parameters of soft contact lenses can benefit from scleral lenses.
  • Legal blindness: Scleral lenses can help sharpen eyesight for even the most severe corneal scarring that causes legal blindness. Our North Edmonton and Downtown Edmonton eye doctors have helped many patients who were classified as legally blind to have acute vision with scleral lenses.
  • Extreme astigmatism: People with high astigmatism are often told that they cannot wear contacts. However, since scleral lenses entered the market – that’s no longer true. The custom-designed fit of rigid sclerals can correct astigmatism with exceptional visual results. We are qualified and experienced in providing vision correction for astigmatism.

Fitting scleral lenses

During your contact lenses eye exam in North Edmonton or Downtown Edmonton, we will use advanced technologies to map your cornea, such as high-precision corneal topography. These accurate measurements enable the manufacture of scleral lenses that are tailored to fit your eyes. Our office is equipped with the latest optometric equipment to ensure that you enjoy an efficient eye care experience and benefit from scleral lenses with a perfect fit.

Scleral lenses: insertion, removal, and care instructions

Initially, you may find it complicated to insert your scleral lenses. But have no worries, our optometrist in North Edmonton and Downtown Edmonton will provide comprehensive training before you head home with your new specialty lenses. After a short practice session with insertion and removal, you’ll be comfortable and confident doing it yourself. Keep in mind that scleral lenses are very durable, which makes handling them easy.

Caring for your scleral lenses is similar to caring for standard contact lenses. After you remove them from your eyes, you’ll need to clean and store them in the recommended disinfectant solution.

Cost of Scleral Lenses

When compared to the cost of regular gas permeable lenses, scleral lenses can come with a higher price tag. However, what you really need to compare is the price of scleral lenses versus a year’s supply of soft lenses. Then, you’ll see that the difference isn’t substantial. In addition, once you experience the enhanced comfort and crisper visual clarity of scleral lenses first-hand, the cost will become less of an issue!

Our eye doctors provide expert fittings for scleral lenses; contact us in North Edmonton and Downtown Edmonton to find out if these specialty lenses for hard-to-fit vision conditions can help you!