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What to Do in Case of an Eye Emergency?

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If you suffer an eye injury or any disturbing visual symptoms, you may wonder about the right thing to do.
Should you seek treatment for an eye emergency, or wait to see if the problem goes away?
In truth, some eye problems will heal on their own without treatment.
Yet, other types of eye trauma can be dangerous and lead to permanent vision loss if left untreated.
Only an eye doctor can reliably determine whether you require treatment.
That’s why it’s always best to contact an eye doctor near you for emergency eye care.

To make it convenient for all our patients, Village Eye Centre has three eye care offices – in North Edmonton, Downtown Edmonton, and Sherwood Park, Alberta.


Tips to help you in the event of an eye emergency:

Blunt force trauma

Getting hit in the eye – no matter if it’s from a baseball bat or rubber ball – can cause blunt force trauma that leads to vision problems.
If this happens, contact an eye care centre near you for assistance for an urgent eye exam.

Flashes & floaters

If you suddenly see a bunch of new floaters or flashes of light, contact an eye doctor near you.
These symptoms can indicate retinal detachment, a serious and sight-threatening problem – especially when left untreated.
Retinal detachment describes when the back of the eye (the retina) separates from the layer of blood vessels that supplies the eye with oxygen.

Foreign object stuck in your eye

If something gets stuck in your eye, never rub your eye!
Flush your eye with water to remove dirt or sand.
If you sense discomfort after the object has been rinsed from your eye, make an appointment with an optometrist near you.
If the object penetrated the surface of your eye, head to the nearest hospital for eye emergency care.

Scratched cornea

It’s not difficult to get a scratch on your cornea.
Anything from the edge of a piece of paper to your fingernail can do it.
When you have a corneal abrasion, it’s common to feel a gritty sensation in your eye and experience severe light sensitivity.
Just like any open wound, a scratched cornea is vulnerable to infection.
To facilitate healing, don’t rub or cover your eye. Keep it closed and contact an eye doctor near you for guidance.

Eye contact with chemicals

Accidentally spraying your face with window cleanser is a mistake many have made!
When chemicals splash into your eye, follow the instructions on the side of the bottle about what to do.
It’s smart to read these guidelines in advance, so you’re prepared.
If you can’t access or read the instructions on the bottle, call your eye doctor for advice on how to proceed.
An eye emergency can be frightening, but don’t panic – we are here to help!
Contact our eye care office in North Edmonton, Downtown Edmonton, and Sherwood Park, Alberta.
At Village Eye Centre, we put your family's needs first.
Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision.

Call us today: 587-410-5920 or book an appointment online to see one of our North Edmonton eye doctors.

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