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Cutting-Edge Technology For Diagnosis and Treatment of Dry Eyes

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Dry eye syndrome can cause a great deal of discomfort and significantly reduce your quality of life. If you constantly suffer from dry, red, itchy, watery, or gritty-feeling eyes, it’s important to get to the root of your symptoms in order to find just the right treatment. Fortunately, our eye clinic has state-of-the-art optometric technology for the detection and treatment of dry eye syndrome. Here are some of the technologies we’re most proud of:

Diagnostic Eye Care Technology


This is a diagnostic test that allows providers to view the structure of the Meibomian gland, located on the inside edge of the eyelids and responsible for oil production to keep tears from drying out too quickly. Your eye doctor will be able to see any damage that may be caused by chronic dry eye, and assess the effectiveness of treatment.

Tear Lab

Our eye care team uses this diagnostic test to help us diagnose and manage dry eye. We will take a sample of your tears and check to see if they have the right make-up to prevent dey eye symptoms. This is known as “tear film stability.” If you have poor tear film stability, we can customize a treatment that will address the problem and help you start to see more clearly and comfortably.

Advanced Treatments For Dry Eye

Lumenis Optilight Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Inflammation is a leading cause of dry eye symptoms. IPL is an advanced treatment that uses the power of pulsed light to reduce inflammation. Another cause of dry eye symptoms, ocular rosacea can also be effectively and comfortably treated with this technology.

Your first series of treatments with IPL consists of four session, usually spread between two and four weeks apart. You should expect to start experiencing some lightening of symptoms after the third treatment. After this, we offer you IPL treatments on an as needed basis.


This treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction delivers helps clear obstructed oil or meibum from the glands located in the upper and lower eyelid using heat and massage. Better oil flow allows for more effective and long-lasting hydration of the eyes.

Many of these and similar diagnostics and treatments are at least partially covered by medicare and other major insurance providers. Speak to our eye care team for more information on insurance coverage and how we can help you with your dry eye symptoms.


Is dry eye syndrome dangerous?

In most cases, dry eye syndrome is not dangerous. However, those with dry eye may be at higher risk of eye infection, which can cause vision loss in extreme cases. Also, severe dry eye that goes untreated for a long time can result in painful scratches on the eye, which can form scar tissue that reduces vision.

Can dry eye syndrome be cured?

Unfortunately, dry eye syndrome is not curable. However, proper treatment can help manage symptoms, and certain steps can be taken in your day-to-day life to prevent symptoms as well. Avoiding allergens suh as pollen and dust, using a humidifier in your house, and avoiding excessive screen time are all helpful tips