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Back to School Eye Exams: Why They’re Important and How to Get Your Child Excited About Them

3685 Village Eye Centre 4 Blog posts 1200x900 Blog Back to School Eye ExamsAh, back-to-school season — a time for new beginnings, cute outfits, fresh supplies, and the return of the school routine. But amidst all the excitement, let's not forget one crucial aspect of preparing your child for the school year: their vision.

Pediatric eye exams are the key to ensuring your little ones have the best vision possible as they return to school. In this blog post, we'll explore why these exams are important and share some tips on how to make them an exciting adventure for your child.

Why Are Back-to-School Eye Exams Important?

Think of it as taking a proactive measure to give your child a head start on their academic journey. Children's eyes are still developing, and when they have a vision problem, it can seriously impact their learning.  By scheduling a pediatric eye exam before the start of the new school year, you can help detect and treat common childhood eye conditions before they hinder your child’s success.

Signs and Symptoms of Vision Problems in Children

Look out for signs such as:

  • Squinting
  • Headaches
  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Difficulty reading or seeing the chalkboard
  • Double or blurred vision
  • Frequent eye infections can also indicate underlying vision issues.

If you notice any of these signs, don't hesitate to schedule an eye exam for your child.

How Often Should Children Have Eye Exams?

The Canadian Optometry Association (COA) recommends a comprehensive eye exam for your child every year. Of course, if your child already wears glasses or has a vision problem, more frequent check-ups may be necessary.

Your eye doctor will guide you through this journey and help your child stay on top of their vision game. In Alberta, the optometrists at Village Eye Centre, Sherwood Park, can help your child reach their full potential and excel in their studies. Schedule an eye exam appointment today.

How to Choose a Pediatric Eye Doctor

Here are some tips to guide you:

  1. Experience

Look for an eye doctor near you with experience in working with little champs like yours. A friendly and patient eye doctor goes a long way in creating a positive experience for your little one.

  1. Ease of access

Consider their office location and hours to make sure they're conveniently located in your city. Parents in Sherwood and nearby locations in Alberta, Canada, can contact us at Village Eye Care Centre.

  1. Cost and Insurance coverage

Check if the doctor accepts your insurance. At Village Eye Centre, we accept a number of major insurance plans.

What To Expect at a Pediatric Eye Exam

During a pediatric eye exam, your child will undergo a vision test to assess clarity and sharpness (visual acuity). The eye doctor will conduct a thorough examination, checking for any signs of vision problems. If necessary, a dilated eye exam may be performed to get a better view of the eye's interior.

Although it may sound a bit intimidating, rest assured — pediatric eye exams are designed with kids in mind, and our eye doctors are experts at putting them at ease.

How To Get Your Child Excited About Their Eye Exam

Get your child excited about their eye exam by:

  • Explaining the importance of good vision and how it helps them succeed in school and enjoy their favorite activities.
  • Transforming the eye exam into an exciting adventure, like a mission to discover their "super eyesight powers" or become a "vision detective."
  • Building anticipation by discussing what will happen during the exam, including fun eye games and cool instruments used by the eye doctor.
  • Planning a special treat or activity after the exam to give them something to look forward to and reinforce the positive experience.
  • Bringing along their favorite toy or book for comfort and distraction during the wait or examination.
  • Being their cheerleader, offering words of encouragement and praise throughout the exam.

Turn the routine eye exam into a fun-filled adventure with humour and positivity, ensuring your child's vision shines as brightly as their future!

Pediatric Eye Exams in Sherwood, Alberta

Choose a pediatric eye doctor near you with expertise in working with children, like our optometrists at Village Eye Centre in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Schedule an eye exam today and set your child on an adventure that helps their vision shine as brightly as their future.