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Umay® REST

Umay® REST ThumbnailIn today’s digital world, there’s no escaping screen time. Smartphones, tablets, computers and TV’s play a central role in our day-to-day lives — and our eyes are paying for it.

So it comes as no surprise that up to 70% of screen users experience some degree of digital eye strain and its uncomfortable symptoms, which include dry, burning eyes, blurred vision and headaches.

Umay® REST was created to combat the negative consequences of screen time for more rested, rejuvenated and healthy eyes.

At Village Eye Centre, we proudly carry the Umay REST device, so you don’t need to travel far to get relief from sore eyes.

What is Umay REST?

REST is an industry-first digital rest-and-recovery tool that promotes better blinking, better sleep and an overall sense of calm and wellbeing. This small, light-weight device combines several clinically proven methods for relaxation to reduce eye strain and enhance your quality of sleep and your body’s response to stress.

Drawing on the strength of thermal meditation, REST uses heat, cooling sensations and vibration to provide you with a holistic approach to calming your body and mind.

How Does Umay REST Work?

Better Blinks

  • Gentle heat waves soothe tired eyes by allowing the free flow of lubricating oils from the tiny glands that line the eyelids and feed your tear film.
  • The cooling feature naturally refreshes your tears and soothes irritated or burning eyes.

Better Sleep

  • Using the warm setting before bed helps promote the onset of sleep.
  • An excellent addition to your pre-sleep routine that allows you to disconnect from blue light and stimulating digital devices while signaling to your body that it’s time to sleep.

Increased Calm

  • Thermal or vibrational cues help you pace and slow your breathing to a rate that promotes relaxation, meditation and sleep.

How to Use Umay REST

Make sure your REST device is charged before use. With the power button off, wipe the aluminum thermal surfaces with 70% alcohol and allow them to air dry.

Press the power button and choose the desired mode (On, Rise, Recharge, Rest, Off). Then adjust the eye clouds so they fit comfortably over your eyes. Lie down on your back and allow REST to begin automatically. It will shut off by itself once done.

The Umay app will allow you to customize your settings based on your lifestyle and eye health.

Umay REST Special Features

The REST device will operate for 5-10 days after being fully charged. It uses a USB charger for convenient charging on the go.

REST is portable, so you can soothe your eyes at work, on vacation, anywhere!

Get Your Umay REST Device in North Edmonton

If you’re interested in optimizing your overall health and wellbeing, REST could be the tool you’re seeking.

Give your eyes the break they deserve with REST. To learn more about the device, call Village Eye Centre in North Edmonton today!