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With COVID restrictions lifting, for the near future, our staff will continue wearing masks for your protection as we’re a close contact health facility.

Eyeglasses In Edmonton

Eyewear does much more than offer you a clear vision and a great look. Your eyeglasses or sunwear are an important part of how you present yourself to the world.

At our three eye care centres in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, AB, we offer a wide array of eyeglasses, so that not only will your eyeglasses fit just right and help you see your absolute best, but also ensure that your appearance makes the right statement! We offer the latest European and American designer eyewear collections in a variety of styles, colors, and materials including titanium, stainless steel and plastic, as well as specialty eyewear, sunglasses, and transition lenses.

Our opticians and other staff will help you find the best fit for your specific needs and explain how different lenses and frames will impact your vision. Our eye care professionals in Sherwood Park & Edmonton will ensure that your eyeglasses provide you with the best fit and functionality to match your eye health, lifestyle and unique sense of style.

We are aware that every patient has their own unique style, and therefore, we offer a wide variety of glasses, lenses, and frames – from sleek rimless frames to conservative and professional eyepieces to funky and colorful plastic eyewear.

We have years of experience in fitting eyeglasses to make sure that you will get the most comfortable fit possible. We pride ourselves on matching our patients with chic eyeglasses that both suit their vision needs and look great.

We are also excited to offer various lenses for eye strain, blue light blocking lenses, and computer lenses. It is for this very important reason, that we will ask you about your lifestyle, job, hobbies to better understand your specific needs. We recognize that many people spend hours upon hours a day staring at a computer screen or cellular phone. These special lenses offer reflection reduction, giving your eyes an easier viewing experience.

New and current patients are welcome to visit our optical department with their current prescription – no appointment necessary.

We get in new styles all the time. Be sure to check in with us to see the latest in designer frames. Our prices vary. Ask us about our budget packages of frames, lenses, and scratch-resistant coating starting at just $195.

Lense Coatings by Zeiss in Edmonton, Alberta

Lense Coatings by Zeiss

Eyeglass lenses must be able to stand up to the rigors of modern life and be hard enough to overcome the many challenges we face.