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Work Safety Glasses

Safety GlassesSafety eyewear is one of the specialty items we carry at our North Edmonton and Sherwood Park locations (Not available in our Downtown location). If workers were equipped with proper safety eyewear, many injuries could be easily avoided. Our eye clinics are a member of the Occupational Vision Care (OVC) program. Many employers cover the cost of prescription safety eyeglasses for their employees. Ask your employer if you are covered by the OVC safety eyeglasses program through Alberta Association of Optometrists.

Canadian Safety Approved (CSA) Safety Glasses

With this in mind, we have a large collection of top quality Safety Frames and Lenses with excellent cost savings. Safety frames and Lenses are certified and stamped to meet CSA and ANSI Z87 standards. Furthermore, as our patients, you can order your CSA safety glasses even if your company is not part of the OVC program. These specialty eyeglasses can still be purchased privately at a very reasonable cost by yourself if you are not under Occupational Vision Care. Presently all locations have a very large selection of safety frames and side shields, please stop by to view our safety frame collection.

Some Safety Eyeglasses Frame Brands We Carry

  • On Guard
  • Uvex (Titmus)
  • WileyX
  • ArmouRX
  • Tek

Also noteworthy, safety eyeglasses can be purchased with single vision, bifocal, progressive or trifocal safety lenses. Safety glasses have a scratch resistant coating, side shields as well as a protective case for your safety eyeglasses. In addition, for some work situations prescription sunglasses lenses (safety eyeglass thickness) in safety eyeglasses is recommended. Most importantly, safety eyeglasses will help you get the job done safely, whether at work or at home. To view our selection or book an eye exam, select a our North Edmonton or Sherwood Park location near you.