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At Village Eye Centre, We Make the Medical — Personal

Our aim is to be your go-to for all your eye care needs and questions. We like to start things off by really listening and understanding you. But that’s just the start – we’ve got three more reasons why we’re different from other eye care practices.

ONE. We believe in good old-fashioned customer service and making your eye care experience as personalized as possible. That’s why we take our time during exams – no rushing here!

TWO. We’re all about using the latest technology for more accurate results and a better overall experience for you. You will receive caring service – it’s all about making you comfortable.

THREE. Over a century of excellence. As an independent eye care center, we’ve been serving the community with top-notch eye exams, glasses, contacts, and emergency eye care since 1921. And we’re always happy to see new faces – walk-ins welcome!

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Your Destination for Excellence in Eye Care

Don’t Let Cost Get In The Way Of Great Eye Health

We accept a variety of vision insurance plans to help make it more affordable and accessible for our patients.

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Pediatric Eye Care: Vision Therapy & Your Child

Time for a check-up? Your child's vision can greatly impact their learning, sports, and behavior - for better or worse. That's why it's a good idea to start them young with comprehensive eye exams, even as early as six months old.

If we spot any visual challenges, vision therapy can help boost those skills and give your child a confidence boost, enabling them to reach their full potential. This is a personalized, doctor-supervised program of eye exercises (much like physical therapy for the eyes) aimed at enhancing visual skills. And it's not just for kids - anyone looking to improve their visual abilities, whether it be for general purposes or for sports and learning, can benefit from vision therapy.
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Contact Lenses for Every Eye Shape

Ever been told your eyes are too irregular for standard contacts? Don't lose hope. You can still enjoy the freedom and vision clarity of wearing contact lenses! For over 17 years, we've been fitting scleral lenses for patients with severe astigmatism, keratoconus, dry eye and other conditions that prevent them from wearing regular contacts. And for those of you with standard eye shapes, we've got contacts for you, too—whether at our practice or online. Get in touch to get fitted for your perfect pair of contacts today and see your world anew!

More Than 20/20—Quality Eye exams

Our eye doctors don't just check whether your vision is 20/20 - they also perform tests to look for signs of common eye conditions like glaucoma or retinal detachment that could harm your sight if not caught early. If you have an emergency, give us a call during our work hours, and we'll make time for you. No matter how young or old you are, we believe everyone deserves good eye health!

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